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Mathematics / LaTeX
Unfortunately, no LaTeX add-on exists for ElkArte (the software that runs this forum). I'll try to build one in my spare time, but in the meantime, you can use the online LaTeX editor from CodeCogs and link to the images here. (An idea of how to use it can be found on StackExchange.)

Just enter your equation in the box, and then right-click on the "Click here to Download Image (GIF)" link, and select "Copy link address" from the contextual menu. Then come back here, click on "Insert an image" icon and paste the link. (Leave the width and height parameters empty.) Here's an example:

If you have quesetions, please reply to this post. Thanks.
Read this first! / Editing Posts & Code
At the top of each post editing area is a set of icons that will allow you to make text in your post bold, italic, underlined, etc. You can also center text, select from a very limited selection of fonts, font sizes, and font colors, add quotes, code, and tables, create bulleted or numbered lists, and add smileys. This should all be self-explanatory.

What's not so self-explanatory:

You can also add a spoiler, which hides the spoiler text until someone clicks on it. Here's an example: I bet you didn't know that Spoiler (click to show/hide)
is really Luke Skywalker's father.

You can also add footnotes, for material that is too lengthy[1] to include in parentheses.

You can also include pictures:

You can not upload pictures to this forum; they will need to be hosted elsewhere. (Please do not hotlink to images where that is not permitted.)

You can also include links, like this link to my main website.

You can also use oEmbed to link directly to videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion, simply by copying and pasting the url on a line by itself. For example, pasting this url:

Code: [Select]

includes this video:


If clicking on icons slows you down, you can also use BBCode. You can read more about that here.

You can also use a very limited subset of html, mostly for formatting.

If you have any questions, please respond to this post.
You can also use it to include information that is at least semi-important whenever you don't want to break somebody's train of thought by forcing them to read it right then.
Read this first! / Starting Threads and Posts
To start a new thread (i.e., a topic), go to the forum you are interested in (they are grouped by categories) and click on "New Topic". This will allow you to create the first post in that thread.

To respond to a post, simply click on the "Reply" button below it. Because this forum software is not threaded, I recommend using the "Quote" feature. Do not quote lengthy posts—please delete all irrelevant information from what you are quoting. It is better to quote a single line than to quote a 500-word post.

Do not hijack someone else's thread. If you want to discuss something significantly different, or have a support request, you need to create a new thread. This is a rule, not a guideline, and will be strictly enforced. Constant hijacking of threads will result in your account being suspended.

If you have other questions about starting threads and posts, please reply to this post.
Read this first! / Registering
Anybody can register for a membership in these forums by clicking on the register link above.

All registrations must be approved by an administrator (i.e., me), so if I don't know you in real life, or there is more than two degrees of separation between us (i.e., you're not recommended by someone I know), your application will be rejected.

A better way to register is to send me a message via my contact form.

You will be required to adhere by the community rules and standards.